Non-equity driven rockstars need not apply.

Wanted a rockstar seo guy/gal for my personal finance site.

if you are willing to work on an equity basis, please drop me an email.

If you’re willing to start capitalizing the first letter of your sentences, please proceed through to 5th grade.

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littlelisita: Do not do this if you are looking for a job!!!


So, frequently I have people send me resume’s and if I like what I see I will send them an application to fill out. The application says so much … . if you’ve been convicted of a crime, your employment history, hours you can’t work … .you get the idea. So, why in the world, would you send it…



Creative job apps. I would probably hire her or at least give her an interview.



Some assembly required.



For a final in my business technology class, we had to do a job interview with the teacher.

When the teacher came to the question: What are some of your weaknesses?

In complete honesty, I’m somewhat selfish. I often lack consideration in others’ feelings and values. I guess I look at the logic…



Oh Homer. This is exactly what I felt like doing during the WEIRDEST interview of my f**ing life today! I was told, very plainly, that all my duties would be incredibly monotonous and boring, that they ran off a 15 YEAR OLD CLAIMS SOFTWARE PROGRAM that was prone to crashing and freezing up if too many cities/agents were online, that there was a serious amount of yelling/swearing happening daily due to deadlines, and that there was one, ONE copy/fax/scan machine for the whole office and that people fought over it.


80% of people continue working after leaving the office (a figure which actually sounds low, if you ask me). Half of them do so because they feel they have “no choice.” Connectedness means customers demand fast replies. There’s no off switch. Half of respondents check their email in bed, starting at around 7:09 AM. 68% check email before 8 AM. And you wonder why people hate email so much? God forbid we get a cup of coffee in us before dealing with the latest work emergency. The average amount of “extra work” occurring outside normal working hours is seven extra hours per week – nearly another full day, says Good. That’s nearly 30 hours per month or 365 extra hours per year. - 80% Of Americans Work “After Hours,” Equaling An Extra Day Of Work Per Week | TechCrunch (via infoneer-pulse)


I am starting a Womens Clothing line…ON LINE.

So I need someone who can have it up and running in a week or 2. I would prefer using the platform base MOJENTO, I have the website etc.

I am very easy to get along with and I am willing to help along the way.

If you really CAN do this and don’t feel it will take that long please call me at 816-878-8877.

I appreciate you time and look forward to working with you!

That’s pronounced Mo-HEN-toe, like mojito.

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Web Dev Rajnikanth

Question for you. When you were a teeny-tiny baby, did your mother hold you in her arms,gaze at you lovingly and whisper “Someday, my child, you will stare at a glowing monitor from dawn to dusk….” ?

No, right ?

Cut to the present – Hero shackled in Mindless Neurotic Company. Hero looks at his hands and howls a primal scream of agony. Come on, Hero, break those shackles ,jump over that fence – careful, it might be electrified – and join us.

We are creating a next gen social commerce platform that will transform online shopping into a playground. We are looking for a Rajnikanth who can help us create new customer experiences that are on the cutting edge of the consumer internet.

Why do it ?

  • Excellent opportunity for ambitious engineers to soar.
  • Match wits with best talent intersecting fashion and the consumer internet .
  • Make a name for yourself!  Build something you can point to and say “Yeah. I did that”.
  • Have “WebDev Rajnikanth” on your visiting card, if you want it.

I’m pretty sure “Rajnikanth" is Indian for "brogrammer".

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We are in the middle of a $600 billion disruption, but hardly anyone has noticed. The once-staid world of enterprise computing is in silent convulsions, with incumbent giants being assaulted by startups that are building from scratch for a new era in which the cloud, mobile, and on-demand software will dominate. Hot companies such as Dropbox, Asana, and Atlassian will ascend to the throne, while the corpses of the old rulers – Microsoft, Oracle, SAP – will lie rotting in the gutter. The Great Replacement is beginning. -

- Hamish McKenzie, The Great Replacement: Microsoft, Yammer, and a New World in Enterprise Computing via PandoDaily

Hamish inteprets Microsoft’s eagerness to acquire the work media company, Yammer, as something greater than the value of the business — even given its solid team, momentum, and product — but instead as part of a strategic vision of a ‘great replacement’ of the current generation of enterprise software. This transition may take a decade or more, but we will witness the slow dismantling of server-based software running onsite, and the migration to cloud-based solutions, like Yammer.

Hamish also points out that Microsoft has deep expertise in running massive cloud solutions, like HotMail, which they acquired in 1997.

I agree that players like Microsoft, SAP, and Oracle are not going to let themselves be squeezed out of the market by upstarts: they will buy a seat at the table, and cut the cards.

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